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How to buy the caps
      we offer hundreds of styles of caps, hats and visors. This page shows our most popular selections. If you don't see what you need  or you have any questions about these styles please call or e-mail us. Here is a quick primer on finding the right cap. With baseball caps your first choice is is whether you want a constructed or unconstructed cap. What's that? Good question. Most folks aren't familiar with that terminology but when we explain it you'll know just what we mean. A constructed cap has buckram, a stiff (usually white but sometimes colored) material sewn into the inside of the front two panels of the cap. This stiff material holds the shape of the cap so that the curved or straight front on the the cap is firm and unmoving. An unconstructed cap does not have buckram inside it and the front two panels are soft like the rest of the cap. Sometimes people refer to unconstructed caps as having a soft crown.  Which is more popular? Neither one. Constructed vs. unconstructed is really a style choice. Over the last decade unconstructed caps have outsold constructed slightly in the corporate logo market, but constructed caps remain quite popular. 
     Another choice in caps is between 5 and 6 panel caps. A 5 panel cap does not have a seam in the front center but rather has one large front panel. This is good for printing instead of embroidery. 5 Panel caps are generally considered an older style of cap and not as popular today. Most people choosing 5 panel caps choose them because they want to print on the hat instead of embroider or because they want an older style, high profile cap. 90% of caps sold today are 6 panel caps which is why most of the styles you see here are 6 panel. 
     Another selection in caps is the material. Many caps are made from 100% cotton twill (brushed twill, washed twill, chino twill, enzyme washed, bio-washed, etc). Poly-cotton twills are also popular in baseball caps. Some new styles of caps will feature performance fabrics for moisture wicking or interesting textures. Wool blend caps provide a classic look and feel but unless you are in a cool climate you may want a poly-cotton twill with the same look and less heat!
     Caps come with a variety of closure. The most common are adjustable fabric straps with a metal buckle or tri-glide closure, plastic snaps, Velcro straps, leather straps with metal buckle and flexible fit caps. Flexible fit caps are made by sewing a small amount of spandex into the sweatband and crown so that cap stretches to fit your head. Flexible fit caps have no hole in the back and provide the look of a fitted cap without having to know everyone head size.
     Decorating Methods. we offer many methods of decorating but we mainly use three methods of decorating your cap with your logo. The most popular type of cap logo is embroidery. 
     Embroidered - Our computerized embroidery machines will sew your logo onto the cap in your choice of thread colors. Our artists will digitize your logo for embroidery. In this process your logo is redrawn and programmed into a CAD-CAM format that allows our embroidery machines to sew it with thread. With embroidery the number of colors in your logo does not matter and almost all styles of caps and hat can be embroidered. But if your logo have color which is gradually change it is difficult to show.  Screenprinted. Screenprinted is also call silk printed. We offer miti color printed. The price is charged by the color number.  Heat transfer. Heat transfer logo is use the printing machine to produce the logo on a plastic sheet, then cut it out to stick on the front panel of cap, then use heat and pressure to embrody the logo on cap panel.
    If you have questions about how to reproduce your logo or what decorating method is best for you please email us a sample of your logo and let us know what kind of cap you are looking for. We can help you choose the best decorating method and show you what your cap will look like.

Constructed - Caps made with buckram, a stiff material, sewn or fused inside the front two panels to hold the shape of the cap stiff.
Unconstructed - Caps with a soft crown, and no material inside the cap.
Crown - The top portion of the cap that fits on your head, usually made from sewing 5-6 panels (pieces) of fabric together.
Visor - The portion of the cap that sticks out from your head to shade your eyes and face from the sun.
Undervisor - The underneath portion of the visor, this fabric is sometimes colored differently from the rest of the cap to help prevent glare or for fashion reasons.
6 Panel - A cap made from 6 panels (pieces of fabric) sewn together to make the crown. A 6 panel cap will have a seam going straight down the middle front of the cap.  Front logos are usually centered on this seam. Because of this seam, some 6 panel caps cannot be printed. Embroidery can sew right over the seam and is most popular on 6 panel caps.
5 Panel -  A cap made from just 5 panels (pieces of fabric) sewn together to make the crown. The 5th panel is twice as wide as the other panels and is in the front. 5 Panels caps have no seam in the front of the cap so they are preferred for screenprinting on.
Eyelet - The small holes arranged around the top or side of crown of the cap. they can be metal or sewn thread.  They are used for ventilation, to hang tags from and most often simply fo rlooks.
Is there a term on this page you would like to see added to our glossary. Please email us your suggestions.

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